I can relate to this film especially, especially since I work in Silicon Valley. Most don’t have their work life balance straightened out. A lot of software engineers are about tech and only tech. That’s not to say all are, some of the most interesting people I have met are software engineers. The industry as a whole however has the “SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!” mentality and I don’t think it’s healthy or sustainable. It really burns people out.

Make sure you work very hard and produce amazing stuff, but let it go every once in a while. It will make you a better engineer. 

Psst! An easy way to do that is fly fishing. 


Google Reader is dead. The Internet has known this for some time now and companies are racing to fill the void. I’ve waited until the bitter end to make a switch to a different reader. Mainly I wanted to see what other people liked. I’ve heard about Feedly over and over again. 

My experience so far has been great. I selected to import my Google Reader data and I was done. I like a one step signup process.  I’ll post again once I get a better look at it.

Hello. (again)

I’m trying this whole maintaining a website thing again. I want the site to offer meaningful insight into places I visit, things I see, and information I read about. I also want to update more than I have in the past.

Be prepared so see the best videos, hear the best music, and learn something every time you visit.